Membership and account information

  1. What are the conditions to become a member of Swappie?
  2. The conditions are simple: you have to work for one of the recognized scientific institutions, be over 18 years old, and register on Swappie!
  3. Can I use my personal address or email for my Swappie account?
  4. Unfortunately not. To ensure the highest standards and trust between members, Swappie has been restricted to the recognized scientific institutions. To ensure no science-unrelated members joining Swappie, we require you to register using your professional email account.
  5. Ho do I know that Swappie recognizes my institute?
  6. In Swappie we accept a broad range of scientific institutions, so as long as you are working in science there is no reason to worry. If you have doubts, simply contact us!
  7. I am not associated with any research institution or any health care industry. Can I become a member of Swappie
  8. We regret to say, that no. Swappie is restricted to professionals working in science.
  9. Do I have to pay fees or any additional charges to use Swappie?
  10. Absolutely not! Swappie is and always will be free for members. Please keep in mind that, we do not interfere with the pick up itself, so the one offering you an item might ask you to cover some costs of e.g. shipment.
  11. What happens if I forget my login details?
  12. Contact us, we will try to help to solve your problem!
  13. How do I remove my account from Swappie?
  14. Simply contact us, we will remove your information from our database.
  15. What happens to my Swappie account and points, if I move to another research institution or industry?
  16. If only needed, we can reassign your account to a new email address, but we will have to again validate that you are working in science.
  17. What happens to my Swappie account and points if I leave research altogether?
  18. Upon your request via email, we can block account and remove your data.
  19. Can I transfer my points to another member?
  20. Unfortunately this is not allowed on Swappie.
  21. I am an infrequent user, therefore, how long my account and points can remain active.
  22. No reasons to worry, your account will wait till you need something new or have something to share!
  23. Do I need permission from institution or group head to become a member of Swappie?
  24. This lies upon the regulations within your institute what can you share and we recommend discussing this prior to becoming a member of our Swappie community.
  25. What are GTCs of Swappie?
  26. As every web-based platform, Swappie also has some general terms and conditions. For the details, just click here.
  27. Where can I find a list of prohibited items that cannot be offered at Swappie?
  28. For the list of prohibited items, please click here.
  29. How do I contact Swappie?
  30. Please write us an email on team@swappie.ch or click “contact us” down on the page.
  31. What kind of user information does Swappie collect?
  32. To ensure the highest standards and trust between users, Swappie has been restricted to the recognized scientific institutions. To validate that our members are members of those, we collect your email and addresses. Please bear in mind, that this information is most often publicly available on your institute web page.

Exchanging an item

  1. Can I add a request for a product if I do not find it on Swappie?
  2. Absolutely! Simply add a request from your account panel. Swappie is not only an exchange platform, but also a board to pin your requests – for sure one of members will know how to help you.
  3. What happens if I do not have the product anymore that I was offering for an exchange?
  4. Please remove it as soon as possible from your offers, simply not to mislead other members.
  5. What happens if a member refuses to exchange a booked item or member cannot exchange it anymore?
  6. Swappie is based on trust between the members, although this situations might happen. Please try to clarify it with the other member. You can always give a negative rating to a member, but if you think it is a serious case, please contact us.
  7. What happens if I receive a wrong material and non-functional material?
  8. Swappie is based on trust between the members and we are sure that such a situation could occur only by mistake. Please try to clarify it with the member that offered you the item. If there is no way to fix the problem, you can give a negative rating to a member. In case you think it is a serious case, please contact us.
  9. I cannot arrange a transport of the exchange material. In such case do Swappie deliver the goods that are exchanged?
  10. Unfortunately not. Swappie is a platform to contact you and the one that offers an item. We do not participate in the finalization of the exchange.
  11. By mistake I offered a wrong item. What can I do?
  12. Please simply remove it from your offers not to mislead other members. You can do it through the “my account” panel.
  13. Where do I find a list of the research material that I can offer on Swappie?
  14. You can offer any material, reagents or equipment used in science, but please be aware of our list of forbidden items.
  15. How does the point system work on Swappie?
  16. It is simple! If you offer an item via your account, you are granted with 1 point. Exactly 1 point will be subtracted from you once you decide to book an item from another member. Booking cannot be canceled. Negative points are not allowed. This four simple rules define how the system works!
  17. What happens if I do not have enough points, but I want to book an item?
  18. Unfortunately if you do not have a point to spend, you are not allowed to book an item. Negative points are not allowed on Swappie, just quickly share something!
  19. I have booked an item, but it turned out, that it is not exactly what I need. Can I cancel the exchange?
  20. Canceling is not possible on Swappie, although we do not participate in the finalization of the exchange. This means that with mutual agreement between the members, you can avoid picking up the item. The other member can simply add it once again to the list of his offered items and be once again granted with a point. Bear in mind that one point has already been subtracted from your account!


  1. How can I create an account?
  2. Simply register through a registration form available on the Swappie home page.
  3. I have submitted the registration form, but my account is not working. What shall I do?
  4. In the first step we need to confirm that your professional credentials are correct and follow our guidelines. Once confirmed, you will get a validation email with a link – please check your inbox and follow the instructions. In case it is not in your inbox, it might have landed in the spam filter.
  5. I have validated my email address, but I do not have access to my account. What shall I do?
  6. To ensure that users of Swappie are members of the scientific community, we have added an additional validation step, where we check that you are working for a scientific institution. This process may take 24-48 hours, however we do our best to complete it as quick as possible. You will be informed about the activation of your account in a separate email.